Content Creators Vs Content Thieves

When I finished journalism school in 2013 I was advised by the program coordinator to freelance. I’d always liked the idea of working like this. You come up with an interesting idea, pitch it and after that your ideas are delivered to the world. Of course becoming a freelancer wasn’t that easy. You need to […]

Who’s Paying For The Online University Boom?

Open Universities Australia as the name suggests offers most students open entry into online undergraduate programs regardless of their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank. OUA represents a number of Australian tertiary providers such as RMIT, Monash and Macquarie Universities, trading on their brand recognition to attract students. But what consequences does open enrolment have on Australian […]

I, Animal Review

Zoos Victoria is experiencing a marketing issue. Kids love going to the Zoo, but when they hit fourteen suddenly sex and drugs become more alluring than communing with captive wildlife. Research suggests that said kids don’t return to the Zoo until later on, once they have kids, usually after turning thirty. That’s a sixteen-year gap […]