Content Creators Vs Content Thieves

When I finished journalism school in 2013 I was advised by the program coordinator to freelance. I’d always liked the idea of working like this. You come up with an interesting idea, pitch it and after that your ideas are delivered to the world. Of course becoming a freelancer wasn’t that easy. You need to […]

The Essential Function of Your Day Job

Recently artist Bec Delange messaged me and asked: “Remember when it was cool to be poor in the art scene?” While I don’t remember it being cool I do recall that, despite the sense of struggle at the time, living in poverty was still a viable means of being an artist. During the aughts one […]

Kallax Shelves: The Storage Solution That Is In Fact a Problem

One of the central conceits of the hit film Fight Club is the notion that Ikea furniture is symbolic of the proletarian sell out. In it the lead character played by Edward Norton works in a repetitive job and returns home each day to an apartment decked out in Ikea. A stereotypical collapsible cube with […]